"When you master the five common relationship patterns, your ability to navigate even the most difficult therapy sessions increases ten-fold." - Terry Real

Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to invite you to a popular online training course called Grandiose Women - Shut Down Men.

As you may know, a focus in my therapy practice has been working with extremely difficult situations in couples/relationship therapy. When I asked you and my community what they wanted more of you shared five key issues that come up time and time again in sessions. These issues matched my own experience.

The five common patterns include the following:
     1. Grandiose Women
     2. Shut Down Men
     3. Love Avoidance
     4. Infidelity, and
     5. Our Clients’ Relationship to Themselves

As a therapist there are specific tools and techniques for mastering working with these patterns. When you have a solid command of them you can move dramatically faster toward positive outcomes.

Join me for this special intensive course where we will finally get to discuss how to work with grandiose women using the principles of Relational Life Therapy.


Terry Real

P.S. I have also added a few bonuses including another recorded training so you get two for the price of one.

Practical Techniques For Troublesome Issues 
- The Ultimate Therapy Toolbox 
The following are two common scenarios that as
a relationship therapist you will encounter on a regular basis
Scenario 1:
The woman drags the man to therapy and takes charge of the meeting. As she talks, the man remains silent, drifting off into space. And when he does talk the woman jumps in to cut him off or with anger.
Scenario 2:
In a private session either the man or woman ‘confides’ in you that they have had an infidelity. Now you have them both back in session and you have information of which the other partner is unaware. How can you maintain the confidence of one of your clients without betraying the other and vice versa.

 In this five-session training we are going to do a deep dive into some of the more difficult but common situations in the therapy room.
The focus is on the therapist’s own toolbox - specific direction, guidance and advice about techniques such as:

• How To Organize A First Session
• How To Determine What’s Really Going On
• Getting To The Heart of Things
• Quickly Loving Confrontation
• Empowering Our Clients
• Using Family of Origin Material
• How To Download Skills
• Dealing with Resistance
• Amplifying Progress
• How To Control And Direct
• The Session  Use of Rituals
• Exploring Sex – all in relationship to the five therapeutic challenges.

What's Inside the Training
This five-session course is jam packed with specific tools and suggestions for dealing with five very common therapeutic issues: grandiose women, shut down men; love avoidance, infidelity and our clients’ relationship to themselves.
Learn one of the most common patterns in relationship therapy. Here is what we will be covering:

Why Grandiose Women Are Harder Than Men 
   • Volatility (Emotional Blackmail)
   • Superiority (Control / Contempt)
   • Offending From The Victim Position 
   • Constraints on Therapist 

The Art of Indirect Confrontation 
   • Empathy In Action
   • The Blatant Goes Second 

Reconnecting A Woman Blatant
Some Technical Considerations
Re-Inviting Vulnerability 

Use of Family Of Origin Material
Daring To Take Yes For An Answer 
Solidifying Early Gains (“Assumed Good Will.") 
Grandiose Women - Shut Down Men
In this class we will look at two types of love avoidants: type one and type two. Here is what we will be covering: 

Type One (Attachment Issues, Models Family of Origin):
   • Empower Partner To Insist On More 
   • Lovingly Confront Avoidant 
   • Deal With Contempt For Intimacy 
   • Teach Relational Vision and Skills 

Type Two (
Trauma Issues, Lives In Reaction to Family of Origin):
   • Understand Nature of Enmeshing Trauma
   • The Cultural Piece: Why So Many Avoidants Are Male
   • What Avoidants Avoid
   • Do Family of Origin Work, (
Possibly Inner Child) 

Both Sexes Are Voiceless
The Cure For Love Avoidance Is Negotiation
Love Avoidance and Family Role
Love Avoidance And Self-Esteem
Love Avoidance And Self-Medication 
Grandiose Women - Shut Down Men
In this class we will look at how a relationship can not only survive but actually be 
stronger after an infidelity. We will be covering the 3 Phases of Recovery:
Phase One – Hemorrhaging                   
• The Hurt Partner in Crisis
• Normalizing and Holding
• Building A Hopeful Narrative
• Accountability and The Involved Partner
• The Asymmetry of Agendas
• Should the Therapist Keep Secrets?
Phase Two – Digestion
• “Reassuring Behaviors” – What Is Appropriate?
• When PTSD Persists In Hurt Partner
• Moving Beyond Resentment 
• Really Trying To Understand: What Did This Do For You? 
• How Trust Begins to Reform
Phase Three – Transformation
Choice One: Narcissism
• Delineate Specific Immaturity
• Explore Family Of Origin
Choice Two: Relationship

• Don’t Condone Method
• Relational Diagnosis
• Break Up The Vicious Circle

Grandiose Women - Shut Down Men

In this class you will learn the 5 steps to help your clients do their own inner work so they can then be in partnership. Here is what we will be covering:    

   • Neutralizing Harshness
   • Understanding True Self-Esteem
   • Meeting Your Adaptive Child
   • Disputing Shame Messages
   • Active Self-Cherishing
   • Starting With Self-Esteem and Boundaries
   • Rediscovering Feelings
   • The Art of Relational Ju-Jitsu
   • Redefining The Masculine Code
   • Learning Vulnerability, Empathy and Accountability 
Grandiose Women - Shut Down Men
In this final class we will discuss real-life cases and examples of how we put some of these principles right into practice. This is a lively session where we go through how this knowledge is  beneficial in actual practice - because that is what this is all about.
Bonus #1: 
Working with Grandiosity Digital CD


(Value $40)

 In “Working with Grandiosity”, I introducefor professionals the theory and treatment of clients struggling with the issue of grandiosity. While psychotherapy has often focused on helping people “come up from the one-down of shame”, this CD (the first CD of 6), offers guidance in helping people come down from the “one-up” of grandiosity. 
Bonus #2 
Full Respect Living Tool Kit PDF
(Value $30) 

This tool kit highlights nine essential skills that I believe will help you to live relationally. On each of the first nine pages, there is a descriptive explanation of an essential skill followed by a summary of supportive practices. On the last two pages of the booklet, "The Six Ways We Get Stuck" will help you build an awareness of dysfunctional practices that preclude or diminish your capacity to live relationally. If you find yourself relationally stuck or stalled, the way out is to stop the unhealthy behaviors detailed in “The Six Ways We Get Stuck” and begin or resume your moment-to-moment practice of the nine essential skills. 

Bonus #3: 
Couples Therapy Demonstration Video


(Value $80)

Watch me  conduct a full-length Couples Therapy Session for a live audience as a demonstration.
Summary of this UPCOMING Training:
1. Five Recorded Training Calls
Fully downloadable and yours to keep.
(Value $297) 

3. Call Print Transcriptions
  (Value $100) 

4. Bonus #1: Grandiosity CD
(Value $40)

5. Bonus #2: Full Respect Living Tool Kit
(Value $30)

6. Bonus #3: Couples Therapy Demonstration Video
(Value $80)

Total Value: $627

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Terry Real
Terry Real is an internationally recognized Family Therapist, Speaker and Author. Terry founded the Relational Life Institute, which offers workshops for couples, individuals and parents around the country along with a professional training program for clinicians.

A proponent of “full-throttle marriage,” as described in his book, The New Rules of Marriage, Terry has been called “the most innovative voice in thinking about and treating men and their relationships in the world today.”
Terry is the best-selling author of, I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression, the straight-talking, How Can I Get Through to You? Reconnecting Men and Women, and most recently ,The New Rules of Marriage: What You Need to Make Love Work.
Terry’s work, with its rigorous common-sense approach, speaks to both men and women. His ideas on men’s issues and on couples therapy have been celebrated in venues from Good Morning America, The Today Show and 20/20, to Oprah and The New York Times.